Taekwon-Do for Anyone… Anywhere… Anytime

Trinity Taekwon-Do promotes General Choi’s spirit and vision of Taekwon-Do for Anyone, Anywhere… Anytime.

Trinity Taekwon-Do extends a hearty welcome to all Taekwon-Do practitioners and visitors from other schools locally and abroad.

In you have recently moved into the metropolitan Denver area and are looking for a new home… check us out.

Looking for something new, different and fresh… our Taekwon-Do programs and fellowship in the Taekwon-Do Spirit revitalize the heart and strength the martial resolve.

On vacation? Drop in for a workout and have some fun!

Whatever the reason, Grand Master Robert Neidig (IX), Senior Master Pam Neidig (VIII) and Master Charles Avila (VIII) cordially invite you into our home.

Drop in and train or visit anytime.

All are Welcome!

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